Advocate Information Highway

This site is an advocacy: 

a) for animals rights,

b) for rights of people who are elderly, disabled and/or G.L.B.T. (and their families), 

c) to inform & educate about what's going on politically & economically locally, nationally, and world wide, 

d) to help promote entrepreneurs, businesses, new community places, and local entertainers,

e) to inform about food, sports, education, entertainment , fashion, & so much more!

You can also check out my internet radio talk shows by copying and pasting the links below: 





a) The information on the "Contact Us" page above can only be used for two reasons: 

     1) Throughout the United States, I try to help people that are elderly, disabled, and/or GLBT get their rightful government benefits (Example: Social Security, Food Stamps, Housing, Health Coverage, etc.). So, if you/your loved one reside in Staten Island or other boroughs of New York or even in other states and are elderly, disabled, and/or GLBT and are in need of the above listed government benefits, you can use the information on the "Contact Us" page in which I can try and help you/your loved one get these benefits. Note: I do NOT charge for my service(s), but I do charge for traveling (and I only travel on Staten Island and only within the 10306 zip code), faxing, mailing, & copying

       2) if you're experiencing or see anything wrong with the website.

b) For the complete list of information for all prices/charges for Promotions, Faxing, Copying, Mailing, and Traveling please click on the title "Prices" above. 

The first video below describes the topics of my first book titled "Lets Talk About It". The second video below describes the topics of my upcoming second book titled "Lets Talk About It More":

You can also follow me on YouTube by copying and pasting the link below:

 This site is dedicated to my mother who passed away November 8, 2009. I love you & miss you!

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